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Recovery stuff…

… which will likely serve on some trails :

1) Hi Lift Jack with 48 inches capacity
2) the 12’000 lbs winch which I will be able to move form front (normal position) to rear if necessary.
The reassembly of the engine is still in progress, but it is not completely lost to achieve end tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

Roof rack on work

While the replacement of the 4 injectors of right cylinders bench is in progress, the roof rack is ready to be welded. It will provide a framework on hinges allowing three solar panels to flip for a better performance in the countries at high latitudes and also a roller for easy loading of a canoe.

The front bumper came from powdrer coating late afternoon. I will show it soon. πŸ˜‰

VivaLaVida puts her nose out!

The day has come to leave Robert’s workshop to get to Chris’s one. It’s the opportunity to make a couple of images of VivaLaVida under the sun …
Mechanical work will start tomorrow: the diagnosis is clear: bad third injector. Since there are 10 hours of work to replace it – must get the engine down to access it! – I will replace 4 injectors of the right cylinder row, just to put all the chances on my side to not have to start again in a couple of months. The roof rack will also be made soon, as modified front bumper and various other small jobs to finish …

Have a nice week-end! πŸ˜‰


Custom front bumper

In parallel with finishes of interior, the front bumper “special VivalaVida” is under construction : aluminum bumper to save weight, winch attached to front hitch making possible to move it to rear hitch and thus to winch from the back if needed… Not bad, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Kitchen is ready !

Small update during this finishing period where it seems not to advance, as there are so many not spectacular things to do… The kitchen is ready now !

Microwave installed :

Ditto for the diesel stove that I present below: 1) closed, 2) protection and door-table opened, 3) the stove. (Sorry for the picture quality but the iPhone’s camera is still not one..!)



You may have noticed it, the stove cabinet is installed on one of the side doors, so I have two kitchens, one inside and the other outside for good weather! πŸ˜€

With that, I’ll have all I need to cook like a chef..! πŸ˜‰

The bed is almost ready!

Well, another week ends with a lot of work done!

The electrical system is complete with three house batteries in addition to the original two start batteries, enough to live a full week boondocking! The only things still missing are solar panels and controller as well as the microwave which will be installed after completing the insulation with expanding foame. But the light is there now! VivalaVida is alive! πŸ˜‰



Plumbing is also complete except a connection for the filter at inlet of the pump, not yet received. And the rear part of the bed (fixed plateform) is also in place.




Next week, we should receive the aluminum profile that will allow us to install the stove and the upper bed.

And since it was my Birthday today, I had the luxury to enjoy a wallnut cake speciality of Grisons (Switzerland) πŸ˜€


Thanks to all who are following this blog! πŸ˜‰

Interior begins to take place…

The work continues. All cabinets are almost finished and the doors are now installed. The electrical panel is in place and partially connected. The engin preheater also as indoor heater.

And yesterday afternoon, it was welding time to assemble the elements of extendible sofa bed. πŸ™‚





Manufacture of cabinets began

A new work week ends and interior design begins to take place. All the walls of the cabinets above the cab and against the left wall are in place, which include locations of the oven, the fridge, the gray water tank, the electrical panel and my photogear bag place. The heater/water heater is also installed.

The next week will see the installation of the sofa and we’ll continue manufacturing cabinets, wardrobe closet and clothes shelfs.

Good week-end to all! πŸ˜€












Walls almost up

One of the most complicated stages of the interior construction is about to end: the installation of walls. Besides a brittle material, easy to scratch or break, the cuts necessary to adapt walls to VivalaVida structure where nothing is straight is not easy to do. But we do it pretty well out.

Now, the walls and windows of the roof and the ceiling are permanently installed and lower walls are ready to be . Everything will be consolidated by vertical members of furniture to come.







First step : insulation

Robert got me a particularly effective insulation: porous ceramic microspheres in a resin to spray.Β In addition toΒ a factor outstanding insulation coefficient, it has the advantage of reaching remotest corners, hollow members, etc … Beautiful atmosphere during spraying!