October, 2021

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Massif Central

1. The night was particularly windy but there is fog in the morning.

2. As I take my breakfast the fog lifts.

3. The trail from my boondocking spot.
4. The locals…

5. Fog game on the Monts du Sancy.

6. I take the opportunity to go and discover the gorgeous Chaudefour valley.

7. Pretty waterfall in the forest.

8. Forest path.

9. Discovery of the small volcanic lake of Servieres.

10. Roche Tuilière viewpoint.

It’s Sunday and it’s time to head back home.
The next articles will relate to some weekend outings and October holidays.
Thank you for your loyalty to this little blog! 😀

Cahors and Massif Central

It is now time to leave the Pyrenees with a taste of the unfinished while our forced stop in Valence greatly reduced our stay in Spain…
1. Leaving Montgarri in a sunny morning.

2. Pla de Beret.

3. …

4. After a night in a forest of the Gers, we stop in Cahors to discover its famous Pont Valentré.

5. Quite impressive and well maintained.

6. Neighborhood on the edge of the Lot, the river which surrounds the old town by one of its meanders.

After dropping off Emile in Corrèze, on the way back, I go to sleep in the Monts du Sancy, in the Massif Central.
7. Arrival at the end of the day, when the North wind blows in gusts.

8. The mood is wonderful.

9. Sunset sky.

10. …

11. I find a corner between two hills to spend a windy night.

The next day, I will go iscover some beautiful spots in the massif. I will tell you that in a last update dedicated to these summer holidays.
Thank you for your loyalty to follow this little blog. 😀

Pyrenees, continuation and end

After crossing the Principality of Andorra where we took advantage of filling up VivaLaVida at an unbeatable price thanks to the special customs status, we take the road toward West again.
1. We find the unpaved trail at Coll de Cabus again.

2. Our neighbors as we have a little lunch.

3. Descent towards Tor.

4. The track is quite rough in places.

5. Arrival at the small village of Tor nestled at the bottom of a deep valley.

6. Church of the Holy Father of Tor.

7. The village is partially abandoned. Only a few weekend homes and a stopover are still inhabited in summer..

8. We find a beautiful place by the river to spend the night.

9. After a rain shower at the end of the day, the fire is welcome.

10. Diner in nature…

11. Waking up with the sun!

12. Upper Val d’Aran from the descent of Bonaigua pass.

13. We go discover Montgarri, a formerly remote site, built with a sanctuary and a refuge. We find a great spot to boondock next to the river, less than 3 miles away from Montgarri.

14. Emile enjoys it!

15. Hiking to the sanctuary…

16. … here it is.

17. L’intérieur est simple et plutôt bien conservé.

18. La porte qui mène aux escaliers du clocher.

19. Fin d’après-midi à jouer…

20. …

21. Quel bel endroit ! La rivière nous bercera durant la nuit.

Après cette dernière nuit pyrénéenne, nous prendrons la direction de la Corrèze où Emile continuera ses vacances chez ses cousines, avec un arrêt a Cahors sur la route. A découvrir tout bientôt.