August, 2013

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The bed is almost ready!

Well, another week ends with a lot of work done!

The electrical system is complete with three house batteries in addition to the original two start batteries, enough to live a full week boondocking! The only things still missing are solar panels and controller as well as the microwave which will be installed after completing the insulation with expanding foame. But the light is there now! VivalaVida is alive! πŸ˜‰



Plumbing is also complete except a connection for the filter at inlet of the pump, not yet received. And the rear part of the bed (fixed plateform) is also in place.




Next week, we should receive the aluminum profile that will allow us to install the stove and the upper bed.

And since it was my Birthday today, I had the luxury to enjoy a wallnut cake speciality of Grisons (Switzerland) πŸ˜€


Thanks to all who are following this blog! πŸ˜‰

Interior begins to take place…

The work continues. All cabinets are almost finished and the doors are now installed. The electrical panel is in place and partially connected. The engin preheater also as indoor heater.

And yesterday afternoon, it was welding time to assemble the elements of extendible sofa bed. πŸ™‚





Manufacture of cabinets began

A new work week ends and interior design begins to take place. All the walls of the cabinets above the cab and against the left wall are in place, which include locations of the oven, the fridge, the gray water tank, the electrical panel and my photogear bag place. The heater/water heater is also installed.

The next week will see the installation of the sofa and we’ll continue manufacturing cabinets, wardrobe closet and clothes shelfs.

Good week-end to all! πŸ˜€