July, 2013

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Walls almost up

One of the most complicated stages of the interior construction is about to end: the installation of walls. Besides a brittle material, easy to scratch or break, the cuts necessary to adapt walls to VivalaVida structure where nothing is straight is not easy to do. But we do it pretty well out.

Now, the walls and windows of the roof and the ceiling are permanently installed and lower walls are ready to be . Everything will be consolidated by vertical members of furniture to come.







Landed in North Carolina.

I’m installed in a campground cabin in Fletcher, a small town in North Carolina near where VivaLaVida continues its construction. A bungalow with a Swiss chalet looking for me not to be too homesick !  😉



3… 2… 1… take off…

Well, D-day as arrived! Not really since I will work with Robert to build the interior, as the project as some delay. The “real start” to be in a few weeks…

But tomorrow, I leave Switzerland, unfortunately without having had time to say goodbye to everyone. Last few weeks as gone by so fast..! Thanks you all for the affection you shown me, it warms the heart!

Next steps comming soon from the other side of the Atlantic.

Installation of insulation almost to the end

After application of the ceramic insulation layers, the interior is covered with a layer of reflective sheets to keep as much as possible internal heat. The hollow body is filled with insulating wool plant. Frames are filled with vegetal insulating wool.


Once this step will be finished, cutting holes for windows will begin.