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Week-ends in Jura mountains

We enjoy fall doing some weekend outings.
1. Boondocking in the forest.

2. Nice morning view point.

3. In the Langouette gorge.

4. Billaude waterfall.

5. Another weekend, another boondocking in a beautiful forest clearing.

6. Emile always enjoys it!

7. The campfire is ready to cook diner.

8. Walk in the beech forest.

9. Way back…

In mid-October, VivaLaVida and its occupants left for a few days in the Hautes-Alpes. I will present all this soon.
PS: While the VLV route was no longer displayed on the map pages since Google Maps changed the terms of use of its services a few months ago, I have updated these pages with new maps that present the VLV route until October this year.

Week-end in Haute Savoie

At the end of August, Emile and I are going to spend the weekend in the mountains.
1. Hike to the Col de Balme.

2. We discover a pretty altitude pond…

3. … that cottongrass highlight.

4. Highland…

5. From a ridge, we can see VLV far below…

6. On the ridge…

7. The goal of the hike.

8. Too bad the clouds hid the light…

9. Altitude marsh.

10. On the way back, the clouds set the mood…

11. Reaching VLV for the night.

12. Campfire to prepare diner.

13. A last ray sets the Bossons glacier ablaze in the distance.

14. Red needles of Chamonix in the clouds.

15. Nice viewpoint over the Chamonix valley when we wake up.

16. Picnic near Emosson.

17. Aiguille Verte and the Drus from Emosson.

Some images of other weekends coming soon… 😀

Summer trip 2021, start in France and Italy

Both Emile and I were eager to hit the road after two years without traveling in VivaLaVida. However, while we planned to leave on a Monday, trying to crank VivaLaVida the previous Thursday, no way to start it! I do the diagnostics and identify that it was the injection pressure regulator that was out of order. I ordered the part in the United States with express shipping and received it next Monday. The time to install it and check that everything was fine, we finally left on Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon …
1. First stop at Fairies lake, in Beaufortain.

2. The next day, we go to the Iseran Pass, more than 9,000 feet elevation.

3. Emile building a kern.

4. View of the mountains where Isère takes its source.

5. Emile in front of an orientation table.

6. We find a place under the pass to boondock.

7. There is a torrent, Emile throws some stones at it!

87. All happy!

9. The sun hides behind the mountain until the next day…

10. The next day, direction Italy in the Rochemolles valley via Mont Cenis.

11. The pleasure of the first campfire of the trip.

12. Dinner!

13. The following morning, we go up to the Scarfiotti refuge and its small lakes. I give up going up to the Sommeillier Pass because you have to pay to take this dead end track and there was a lot of people.

14. Waterfall behind the refuge.

Continuation of the story in a few days… 😉

Italian gateway

The VLV alpine trip continued to the Lombarde Pass linking France to Italy.
1. Going up to Isola 2000, VivaLaVida crosses a small reach to reach a pretty picnic place.

2. Having good time…

3. Emile loves to be in the nature…

4. Over the pass under a rain shower.

5. Small lake going down to Italy.

6. …

7. Switchback turns on the Italian side.

8. Arrival at the Tende Pass and its various abandoned fortress.

9. The view towards North is immense…

10. Some ruins are quite large.

11. We will spend the night in one of these abandonned fortress.

12. Inside one of those…

13. Sun is setting…

14. South side of the Tende Pass, in France.

15. Sunset behind the mountains…

16. Campfire under the stars. This will unfortunately be the only one of this vacation, the riss of wildfire being very high at the moment…

To be followed soon…