Not a very raisonnable project

That of traveling the world without return date, separating myself from everything that I have in Switzerland.

That of exploring distant, wild lands that make you dream…

That to meet natives and other travelers, to share emotions and good time…

That starting out with a camera to try to share through this blog with those who remain…

That celebrating this new life calling it the VivaLaVida project!!

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  1. Canyon H. says:

    Wondering if you looked up Lloyd and his Shelter Pub.
    Of all the individuals involved with travel,sleeping wild,waking to new surroundings..meeting interesting folks..Lloyd is it!
    I neglected to mention that he does a fair amount of travel,so I imagine there’s a chance you could dove-tail a rouxdevoux..perhaps Euro or Japan,and of course Calif.ehere he makes home.
    Did you investigate cost of land,home within Feroes?
    What kind of impression did the locals give regarding tourism,and the issues around vagabonding vehicles such as ours
    Thank you for your correspondence, Canyon

  2. canyon haverfield says:

    I totally back burner’d my offer to make suggestions to you for finding a publisher or at least some solid support from someone who’s been there and done it !
    One solid suggestion would be to outreach to Lloyd Kahn of Calif. fame as a long term author publisher. Just search for more about him and his life of work .. online at either Shelter Publications as well as
    Try to meet up with Lloyd when you two happen to be in the same area . I will keep in mind your adventures and possible ways to find support . Ciao

  3. steven johnson says:

    I’d forgotten to respond to this .. dang ! I can still… ! Canyon

  4. canyon haverfield says:

    WooMan ! Biggest collection of dyne-photo’s summited in one day.. way off the chart dude’ster… way stupendous … ! Big congratulations Shutter’Man… ! Are you planning to run a make a book project of this fling across the upper state ?
    i know books are selling slow and lots of work… then again, why not go for a major hanging in some cities.. like Portland,Vancouver,Seattle,SF,Santa Cruz,Carmel,Boulder,Portland Maine,Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.. and maybe go for some hangings in the shops of REI and Patagonia. That’s the way I see it ! Of course, when bout Big Sur … do be vocal and I’ll do what I can to work you into the Esalen baths… be safe and wild ! Its a big dance !

    • Claude-Alain says:

      Well, without personal contacts, it’s definitely difficult to get in touch with galleries, still more when travelling year round… But if you know someone who would be interested to promote my work, I would be pleased collaborate..! 😀
      Thanks dude.

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