Fjords of North West

1. Great weather in the morning!

2. Icebergs are still there.

3. Stop on our way to observe seals.

4. When some rest, others seem to play in the water.

5. Under the eyes of ubiquitous and placid sheeps.

6. Small lighthouse on the coast.

7. I draw the portrait to one of these famous Icelandic small horses with long manes.

8. Small church along a fjord. There are many, always small and often with only one house around.

9. As VivaLaVida crosses a small pass between two fjords, the horizon deepens.

10. …

11. To reach a large beach far west of the fjords, the road is endless: while in a straight line, the GPS indicates 55 miles, it will take 125 miles of winding road to get there!

12. The end of day light is spectacular.

13. Rauðarsandur beach is behind this point…

14. VivaLaVida will finally reach it at sunset, enjoying last sun rays on its pretty black church.

15. Calm morning on the inlet.

16. Rauðarsandur beach is Iceland’s largest and its color denotes with omnipresent black elsewhere. Wonder where does this colorful sand come from.

17. Refelction behind the beach.

18. Patchwork at rising tide.

19. Marine atmosphere…

20. In a nearby bay, stop near a ship wreck.

21. These fjords are beautiful and constitute the least visited part of Iceland and let us enjoy more solitude.

22. We camp on the bank of a fjord sheltering hundreds of swans.

Discovery of Snæfellsness Peninsula coming soon. 😉

2 Commentsto Fjords of North West

  1. Midship says:

    Me semble reconnaitre ce petit phare!!!

    Cest la partie de l’Islande que j’ai préféré.

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