Fall holidays (2)

Continuation of these few days of relaxation and discovery…
1. To descend from Mont-Cenis to Italy, VivaLaVida discovers a trail, an old border road, some passages of which are spectacular.

2. Passage near the pretty little lake of Roterel…

3. … as the sky clears.

4. The larches are already gorgeous with their yellow-orange hue…

5. Turns…

6. Another small lake, Arpon Lake, just after the Italian border.

7. We make a little stop for the lunch…

8. … near a pretty mountain pasture already closed this season.

9. While waiting for the grocery store to open – it is closed at nap time – Emile improves his cycling technique! 🙂

10. We take the direction of the upper valley of the Claree via the Col de l’Echelle (Ladder Pass).

11. Wake up at the end of the road on a beautiful fall day ideal for a mountain walk.

12. At 5 years old, Emile is a good walker, 5 or 10 miles uphill doesn’t frighten him!

13. Climb to Long Lake in the midst of the fall colors.

14. Arrival at the lake where the temperature hardly exceeds 32°F.

15. Immaculate tranquility…

16. Break sheltered from the strong North wind.

17. Lac Long in a setting of blueberries reddened by autumn.

18. Meeting with a beautiful cricket a little numb by the cold.

19. Going back down to VivaLaVida

More soon… 🙂

2 Commentsto Fall holidays (2)

  1. Fred says:

    Le bonheur tout simplement! Magnifiques endroits et à la plus belle saison de l’année peut-être.

    • Claude-Alain says:

      Comme toi, l’automne à ma préférence lorsqu’il s’agit de découvrir de nouvelles contrées montagnardes…

      Je ne sais pourquoi mes emails annonçant une mise à jour mènent aux pages en anglais. Si tu préfères les découvrir en français, il te suffit de cliquer sur le petit drapeau en haut de page… 😉

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