January, 2019

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South-East coast

The ferry is waiting for VivaLaVida in two days and I still have several hundred miles to get to Seydisfjordur, so it’s time for me to move on. Without forgetting to stop at some new spots.
1. Same place same hour three weeks later and same rainbow… 😉

2. Short stop on another spot of Jökulsárlón Lake.

3. And another stop at Diamond Beach to shot some pictures especially for Isabelle! 😉

4. Further East, shortly before the Vestrahorn, another gravel bar in the rain.

The Vestrahorn Mountain, so often photographed, turns out to be a real tourist scam. In addition to the fact that it is next to a hugly military satellite antena, it has been appropriated by the owner of a camping-bar that charges for access! He even installed an automatic highway toll style barrier to control access. I am quite shocked by the fact that somebody can appropriate a piece of nature belonging to the state and refuses to lend me to this practice, preferring to go elsewhere. Travelers, keep away of that place, there are enough other beautiful sites in Iceland.
5. I sleep on a small pass along the old road. After a steady rain during most of the night, the morning offers me a nice sky.

6. And here is the Vestrahorn from the North-East, a less “conventional” view. 🙂

7. An example of the large sheep farms of the South coast.

8.After my disappointment at Vestrahorn, I spotted another less known site (but for how long ..?). The weather was not pleasant and I decided to explore the coast in search of cool compositions until it improves. Here is one first with this cove in the rocks.

9. The showers succeed one another, created by the strong wind that condenses the clouds on the mountain.

10. I take the opportunity to observe some ducks who hiding from strong wind behind the cape. Here a female.

11. And there a male who has just caught a crustacean.

12. He rinses it a little…

13. Before swallowing it!

14. In the foam…

15. I also go discover the large beach that runs to the West.

16. Vestrahorn in the distance.

17. Survival…

18. Finally, after 5 1/2 hours of waiting, a brief sunray of just a few minutes allows me to show you another composition.

Last article of this trip coming soon. 😉

F210 – F232

Before continuing the journey, it is time to wish you all Happy New Year 2019! full of new informative and rewarding adventures, beautiful encounters, unexpected discoveries. A special thought to a close friend who has been battling a serious cancer for many months without being able to overcome it yet and who I wish to see soon the end of the tunnel…
But let’s continue the story. II enjoyed some light at sunrise… 😀
1. First glow…

2. Mýrdalsjökull is really close.

3. There was some snow fall tonight.

4. Iron oxide colors some hills in red.

5. One of the many fords crossed.

6. Sand / foam / ice contrast.

7. At the end of the F210, I decide to take some height on the Maelifell, an old volcano in the middle of the plain. VivaLaVida stays down. 😉

8. As I go up, the immensity slowly reveals itself.

9. A flight of wild geese begining their migration goes through the sky…

10. I take the opportunity to show you a small sample of the main plants of these arid regions, starting with this sometimes almost fluorescent foam.

11. It shares the space with other species, creating colorful beds at this fall period.

12. …

13. …

14. …

15. Arrived at the top, the panorama is breathtaking! (panoramic assembly of 9 bracketed images –> 27 images for this softblending!)

16. View from above…

17. The mountain I just climbed.

18. Still contrasts…

19. VLV follows the less traveled F232 road now.

20. As we descend gradually towards the south coast, greenery becomes more present again.

21. The colors of autumn are also more and more present, for my greatest pleasure.

22. How beautiful ! I am in permanent contemplation…

23. A ford just above a waterfall

Here is the link of a short video of this ford for those who want to discover it… 😉
24. One of the glacial rivers, meltwater from the ice cap, digs its canyon.

25. Further down the trail, other waterfalls that look like small and less touristy “Godafoss”.

26. Backlight at the end of F232.

To be followed soon… 😉