December, 2015

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Happy New Year 2016!

To all of you who regularly followed VivaLaVida’s journey, it’s time to give you some news…
Back to Switzerland in early June, the life surprised me with a beautiful encounter that changed many things in my life and my future. Thus VivaLaVida’s journey has stopped and will not resume, at least in the same way. I’m still thinking about how to reinstate me, socially and professionally, in a world where I wasn’t supposed to come back anytime soon!
VivaLaVida is still stored in Salt Lake City, he hasn’t moved since late May. However, it’s well sheltered in a warm storage and should not suffer from this extended stay. I’m currently evaluating the possibilities for exporting and registering it in Switzerland. Nothing is done yet but it seems that this should be possible without major works. It would please me to be able to keep it to travel in Europe. I will keep you informed. 😉
It’s high time for me to wish you all the best for 2016, with many travel in all shapes, health and an open mind to all the positive experiences that life offers!