April, 2013

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Headwear in preparation…

Since sme suppliers really bother with the delivery tim,e we have to find solutions to move forward. Thus, Robert moved to Chris’s shop to start laying the high top.

1st step: cutting the car roof.




2nd step : presenting the gross high top.




Socks from VivaLaVida!

Not bad, isn’t it?

…Except that tires fitted, Chris realized that the supplier has sent wheels with wrong holes..! So back to square one.  :-/


It is turn of the rear…

While I got my truck license today, work continues in North Carolina, preparing the rear of the frame, installimg the protection of the auxiliary tank and underfloor storage compartment. Installation of the tow hitch will follow.



And here rear skid in place!



One axle of two!

Since some parts arrived, installing front axle continues!

Front “Full Floating” axle has been built by Chris with locker and bigger brake rotors. It’s now in place.130419_3b130419_2b130423_3b


Installing front axle has begun

Front axle has finally arrived, with around eight weeks behind the announced deadline. And installation begins.


The air tank is also in place.130416_2b

Work in progress…


Preparing VivaLaVida begins!

This is Chris – www.ujointoffroad.com – I entrusted the mechanical preparation of VivaLaVida. His work will focus on three main areas:

– Reliability of the engine

– Installation of a 4×4 custom conversion

– Addition of various specific equipment required for the project.

The first stage began. This is to replace various original parts that are weak points in theengine by alternatives specially developed to improve reliability. At the same time, Chris will check the major mechanical components, which should reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises later.

The second stage will begin when the new axle will arrive. Ordered January 15 with a delivery time of 4 weeks, it still didn’t leave the factory ..!

Introducing VivaLaVida, my travel partner

Picture of classified...

Picture of classified…

Here it is! After several months of research, I found my travel partner: VivaLaVida is a 2010 diesel Ford van which is about to be transformed to become my traveling companion.I bought it in the United States for several reasons: it’s easy to turn this van in an expedition vehicle at an affordable price and then to register it for travelling. Do the same in Europe amounted to more than double the budget for a vehicle may be less suitable in the end.

VivalaVida is now being processed. First, it will receive a “Heavy duty” 4×4 transmission with amenities that will turn it in the “go anywhere” vehicle I imagined. When first step completed, he will receive a high top, additional windows and a custom built interior with many amenities to become my home on wheels … I will come back over the construction.